Adley and the family get to see their Family Cartoons on the big screen!! But right before the movie is about to start Adley gets pulled into the movie by a magic ticket! With a pair of silly monkeys by her side, she has to make sure the cartoons go right and get back to her family before she gets trapped in the movie forever!! Is she going to be able to make sure that everything goes how its supposed to and make it out of the movie before her family notices she's gone?

SURPRISE!! our family has been workin on somethin special for all of you! thanks to our creative crew at Spacestation Animation we super proudly present our new movie A For Adley: Lost in the Movies!!

We're stoked to say that we're one of the first YouTubers to bring our ideas and audience to the big screen! We're beyond grateful for you, our amazing friends that watch our videos, and excited for you to enjoy this with your family in Movie Theaters!!

and don't forget... Each movie ticket has a little bit of Magic in it if you let it!
-Shaun, Jenny, Adley, Niko, Navey

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