about Adley

Adley just turned 7 years old and has been filming videos with our family since as long as she can remember. As dad got more and more busy at his company “The Spacestation”, Adley and Mom decided to start a little channel together and continue to film fun little videos! Adley kept growing and so did her interest in making her videos, eventually she was calling the shots, letting us know what she wanted to film and how she wanted our friend Nick to make her videos. Nick has been Adley’s friend, filmer, and editor since the very beginning, which allowed us to keep the channel all about having fun. Early videos were very focused on learning and fun while her most recent videos have become more imaginative and full of creativity! “we kinda just play or do whatever we want, then share it as a video” yep, exactly!

A for Adley has now grown to a community of over 4.5 million friends, watching our fun videos, playing our free games, and rockin our cool adley gear that we share with everyone at cost. “uh, what is at cost?” it just means we like to share our apps and merch with everyone for free or as little as possible, because you can make your money from youtube, not your fans!!

this is mom!

this is dad!

better together

Adley enjoys collaborating with brands that she loves. Anyone can reach out about an opportunity to work with us, but honestly Adley will always make the final decision on if the collaboration feels like something she would want to make a fun video around. We have intentionally chosen partners that are relatable to Adley or products that she is genuinely excited to review. A few of our favorite projects include a music video with Barbie, visiting Disney, or meeting new friends through Make-A-Wish. We really value the deep relationships we have created with companies like Mattel, Zuru, and Spin Master.

A collaboration with Adley gives you the opportunity to introduce your product or service to our audience in an organic way that will be fun for us while also interesting for our audience. We always strive to share a brand’s message as recommended within our partnership, but also set the expectation that Adley’s creative freedom will always come first.

Adley and family are managed by Spacestation Integrations

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